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What Does The Damien-Dutton Society For Leprosy Aid, Inc. Do?

Our main purpose is to raise funds to carry on programs for medical care in leprosy colonies, in general hospitals and clinics where some patients are treated. The Society helps provide funds to purchase drugs, prosthesis for lost limbs, reconstructive surgery, research labs and education, which not only assist the patient in obtaining employment and a return to society but also to inform the public, many of whom are misinformed about the disease and the present state of leprosy in the world.

Not only does the Society give Grants to leprosy projects, but also is involved in the following....

  • Referrals of suspected leprosy cases to our scientific staff.

  •  Aid students who are preparing term papers on leprosy.

  • Publishes a newsletter, Damien-Dutton CALL, three times a year containing the latest updates, not only on leprosy but also on other related information.

  • Sponsors programs, such as symposiums, films, lectures, and other events at its headquarters to inform the public about leprosy.

  • All profits from the sale of our books are used to further the cause of the Damien-Dutton Society.

The Society also presents a special award called "The Damien-Dutton Award" to an individual or a group of individuals who have made a significant contribution towards the conquest of leprosy. The first recipient was Stanley Stein, a crusading patient of the National Leprosarium in Carville, Louisiana. He founded the "Star" magazine, which was a powerful force in eliminating some of the rules and regulations that kept leprosy patients isolated as prisoners. More than 58 individuals and organizations have been honored throughout the world. It is considered to be the most prestigious Award in the field of leprosy.


The 1965 Damien-Dutton Award was presented posthumously to John F. Kennedy. His brother Senator Robert F. Kennedy accepted the Award from Congressman Edward J. Patten, member of the Damien-Dutton Board. President John F. Kennedy was the first American President to proclaim "World Leprosy Day".




Howard E. Crouch, founder of the Damien-Dutton Society, looks on as Bishop George Ahr of Trenton, New Jersey presents the 1969 Damien-Dutton Award to Dr. Victor G. Heiser. Dr. Heiser wrote his best-selling autobiography "An American Doctor's Odyssey" recounting his worldwide crusade against tropical diseases including leprosy.




Mother Teresa received the 1984 Damien-Dutton Award for her personal approach in serving the world's poor and handicapped sufferers of Hansen's Disease. She accepted the Award by writing, "I am most grateful for your kind decision to give me the Damien-Dutton Award to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Damien-Dutton Society. It is not possible to now say when I will be able to attend your program but my prayer is with you that God's blessing may abide with you, and that you may touch the leprosy sufferers with His compassion."




Richard Marks a patient in Kalaupapa, Molokai accepts the 1996 Damien-Dutton Award from Howard E. Crouch. Holding the Award is his wife, Gloria. On the right is Betty Campbell, Vice President of the Society. Richard Marks passed away on December 9, 2008 at the age of 79.







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