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The Damien-Dutton Society For Leprosy Aid, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the conquest of leprosy. Howard E. Crouch, a US Army Medic stationed in the West Indies near a leprosy colony, founded the society in 1944. He observed first hand the life of these poor people forced to live behind stone walls as outcasts. The Damien-Dutton Society raises funds for medical care, research, social and physical rehabilitation and education. The organization now aids leprosy patients in all parts of the world regardless of race or creed.

The Society was named after Father Damien, a Belgian priest who cared for victims of leprosy exiled on the island of Molokai, Hawaii, and Joseph Dutton, a native of Stowe, Vermont. Dutton was a Civil War veteran who assisted Father Damien during the last stages of his disease and remained on Molokai for 44 more years until his death. The Society publishes a newsletter three times a year, titled the " Damien-Dutton CALL". This is available free of charge.

Mr. Crouch has written seven books dealing with all aspects of leprosy. His first book "After Damien: Dutton, Yankee Soldier at Molokai" is out of print and no longer available. His books include a biography, essays, novels, and human drama.

Each year the Society presents the Damien-Dutton Award to an outstanding individual or group of individuals who have made a significant contribution towards the conquest of leprosy.

For further information you may write to the Damien-Dutton Society for Leprosy Aid, 616 Bedford Avenue, Bellmore, New York 11710.


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